About Us

Who we are

We are group of crypto enthusiast, investors and traders. Many of us have forex or stock market background but crypto got our hearts. 

We somehow wanted to help the community and give back. But we did not want to create another crypto signals or altcoin signals group. You can find these all over telegram or discord. Yes some are good but most of them are not and they offer only signals but mostly they are just overpriced pump groups where the faster ones dump on other members. 

In these crypto signal groups you only have to follow blindly their calls and talk to someone even other members is really hard or impossible. 

But we want to make things differently. We want a strong united community where you can find new friends, share, discuss or get help from others and our team on our forums and newbies can learn in our study section. 

Our team will supply you with only the best recommendations and analysis about short – mid term crypto signals, mid – long term hodls and new ICOs. We even analyze info from best paid groups and good info is shared to you. Than you can discuss about it with others and the team members. 

Like we said we are not another crypto signals group and we belive in strong community supported by our team and that is why we are so cheap. We want everyone to be able to join so we made our price so affordable but our information, analysis, signals, ICO reviews and many other things are one of the best on the market. 

If you do not belive us just try it. Our trial is free. No other site will give you free trial but we don’t have problem with that. Why? We have confidence in our team and our hard work! So take a look around and than decide if you want to be part our amazing community where we share and help each other!

Want to be part of our great community?